The inspiration:
1991 changed my life. My boss told me to ‘never stop learning’. I took his advice, and the adventure began.
In 1995 I was recruited to Dell Computer. I was responsible for winning and managing multi-million dollar contracts throughout Queensland. I consistently won awards for high performance, including Sales Person of the Year for the 15 countries in Asia Pacific.

The commitment:
In 1999 Dell asked me to take on a National Role based in Sydney. I accepted the job promotion, and managing people did not give me the same buzz as winning new business. I missed selling. I wanted to commit myself to being professional and being the best. I wanted to start something from scratch, and prove to myself that I was in top 1% in my field.

The proving:
In 2000, starting with no customers, no brochures, no pricing, no marketing model and no knowledge of the industry, I embraced the challenge of taking brand new software to the Global Corporate Market.
By 2013 I had spent 10 years dedicated to the USA Market (all done from Elanora and Palm Beach), and had secured contracts with hundreds of the most prestigious organisations on earth. Organisations I worked with include:

  • NASA
  • US Defense Forces
  • FedEx
  • Toyota North America
  • Harvard University

Satisfied, that I had proven to myself what I needed to prove, I resigned when the company was sold to a private equity firm in 2013.
Having a love for real estate, and owning multiple properties, I moved into full time real estate in mid 2014.

The study:
I always remembered my first boss’s words to me. “Never stop learning”. So I completed:

  • Doctorate Clinical Hypnosis (American Pacific University)
  • Master Practitioner of NLP (Advanced Neuro Dynamics)
  • Master Practitioner of TLT (Advanced Neuro Dynamics)
  • Post Grad Dip Psych (University of Queensland)
  • Bachelor Arts – Psych Double Major (University of Qld)
  • Dozens of courses in Negotiation, Sales, Time Management, etc

The reason:
We chose the Gold Coast because quality of life is important to my family and myself. Together with our 3 children, my wife and I have no aspirations to move away. Two decades after beginning my career, I still keep learning, and I remain committed to the field of professional selling. If I won the lotto tomorrow, I wouldn’t change a thing.