How to Stage Your Garden

Home staging is the process of presenting your home to appeal to your target market.

If your home has a garden, it might be one of the key selling points that attract a buyer and having it well cared for gives the impression that it’s easy to maintain.

You could get a professional to pull it into shape, or you could take care of it yourself by:

  • Spreading a lawn lifter a month or two out, to energise your lawn.
  • Keeping the lawn mowed and its edges trimmed.
  • Weeding the garden often during the sale period.
  • Adding fresh mulch to garden beds.
  • Repairing the garden bed edging.
  • Trimming back bushes and trees.
  • Enhancing key areas with plants.
  • Clearing any fallen leaves daily from the garden.
  • Clearing any rubbish or loose items that don’t belong.

Investing in some plants to give your garden a lift might also go a long way in enhancing the entry and soothing any unattractive areas.