Marketing Essentials : Database Marketing

An exceptional agent will already have a large database of prospective buyers looking for a property like yours who are ready to buy. Having a solid database is not enough. The database must be highly active!

Your agent must be making frequent, consistent and relevant interaction with their database via:

  • Phone calls
  • Newsletters
  • Letter box drops including “Just Listed” flyers and “Sold” flyers
  • Social media

Ask your agent these questions:

  • Do you call ‘active buyers’ in your database immediately upon the listing of a property that meets their search parameters?
  • Do you email prospective buyers in your database informing them of the goings-on in the real estate industry?
  • Do you send a regular newsletter to your database with new properties and general real estate information? How often? How many people does it reach?
  • Do you distribute “Just Listed” flyers, “Sold” flyers and other marketing material in letterboxes in the area? To how many people?
  • Do you use social media marketing?