Why you should know that value of your property

Do you know the dollar value of your home? Do you know how much of that value belongs to you? A number of key decisions can be made more wisely with the benefit of this knowledge.

Your home may be under-insured:

If disaster were to strike, would your insurance cover the losses? In Queensland, a state known for storms and wildfires, many devastated homeowners have learned the hard way that their homes were under-insured.

Your legal will may not reflect the true value of your asset:

Most homeowners want to leave an inheritance for their family and loved ones. With the family home often being your biggest asset, it’s important to know its value so you can update your will accordingly.

You may be missing financial leveraging opportunities:

Could home equity be put to use in financing your children’s education? Or could it be used to fund a business? A more active retirement plan? Home improvements?